We, Kwangsung Co.,Ltd - Plant Engineering & Construction is a Specialized total Engineering & Construction Company, Which established in October 1989 with Company Quality Policy " Satisfy Customers with superior Quality Product".Our Principle business is Project - Oriented and Comprises Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, pre - Commissioning, Commissing and maintenance work as EPC services in the field of Oil & Gas Plants, Power Plant, Chemical Plants, Steel Structures, Plant Structures as well as Green Energy Plant such as Environmental Plant, Bio Fuel Plant, and Solar PV Plant.

SCR & SCRUBBER Department

Kwang Sung’s SCR Systems for marine and stationary applications

  • Up to 98% NOx reduction
  • One Stop Solution – analysis, design, manufacturing, installation, running test, maintenance
  • High price competitiveness
  • Differentiated Technology – 16 Patents about SCR system
  • Low weight and highly compact system
  • Remarkable durability compared to traditional SCR system
  • Auto control & Easy real time monitoring
  • Technology tested & approved by KOMERI (Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute)

Shipbuilding Department

Shipbuilding Department has been the core operation division of Kwang Sung since its foundation in 1989, and our principal products are iron ship equipment.

We have been achieving continuous innovation based on the following 3 keynotes; quality improvement, safety first, creativity. Constructing advanced technology and ‘systematic dimension control‘ through our proper quality control system, Kwang Sung is positioning itself as a great business partner of Samsung Heavy industries(SHI), DAEWOO Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering(DSME) and Hyosung Heavy Industies.

Kwang Sung Shipbuilding department has adopted “System for Customer” and is always endeavoring to surpass your demands and expectations.

Offshore Department

Offshore Department is Kwang Sung’s new operation division established in 2004 to manufacture high-quality products for offshore platforms using pur 19 years of experience in the shipbuilding equipments.

The demand of offshore platforms is radically growing as the needs of sea oil field development is increasing due to the high oil prices. As a bridgehead to advance into a new high value-added industry, our department has successfully accomplished numerous projects started by 7039(Dalia) in 2004, 7042(Enfield), 7043(Oveng/Okume), 7034(LLC), 8728(Posco Finex), 7045(West E-Drill), 7046(Stena), 7047(shenzi), 7056(West Eminence), 7051(vasai) etc.

We received 9000 tons of orders in 2005, and were chosen as the best cooperating company by the offshore department of Samsung Heavy Industries in 2006 and 2007.

Kwang Sung Offshore department is doing our utmost efforts for the best quality and customers satisfaction.

Plant Department

Plant Department has a abundant experience and advanced engineering capabilities in industrial plants.

Our department has successfully carried out Chemical plants, waste heat recovery plant and LPG terminal Projects by delivery of heat-exchangers, incinerators, storage containers.

The division’s core business activities are fabrication and supply of main equipment for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and oil & gas production facilities, gas processing plants, LNG liquefaction, refineries, petrochemical plants.

Coating Department

Coating Department has been innovating whole production process to eliminate the causes of loss and to improve quality of products. We are striving to be the most trustworthy enterprise realizing “increase of competitiveness”, “high profitability” and “Good Company“.

coatinging, ground and pipe equipment of all vessels and offshore platforms means to apply exclusively certified insulating materials complying with the Safety of Life at Sea and standards of International Maritime Organization. Therefore, this work requires accuracy and a very delicate work condition to obtain high corrosion resistance and durability of final products.

Kwang Sung coating department’s ultimate goal is to give our customer a great impression more than satisfaction and to become the leading enterprise of metal surface treatment and painting. We will sustain our effort to achieve the goal.

Steel Structure Department

The Steel Structure Department has abundant experience in steel structures and advanced engineering capabilities. The Steel Structure Department has devoted itself to structural analysis and technology development of special steel structures and has been producing various plant structures and large-scale steel structures, and has undertaken large-scale projects both at home and abroad.

We produce various steel structures with the latest automation machinery equipment and skilled technical manpower, exporting and constructing to the world as well as to the world.
Steel Structures Department is engaged in the development of innovative technologies in the field of steel structures.

We will do our utmost to be a company that is trusted by our customers and that is impressive to our customers by cost reduction, quality improvement and delivery time compliance.