Company Outline

with 30 years

recognized as the best in exhaust gas cleaning field

Business Item


Scrubber / SCR


Power plant / Offshore
main structure


Metalizing / Painting
for windmill parts

From the year of 1989

1989 Established

2007 Established R&D centor for EGCS (SCR & Scrubber)

2010 Obtained KEPIC-MN certification

(korea Electric Association Nuclear Power generation equipment manufacturing)

2010 Acquired ASMEU, S, PP Certification

(American Machinery Association Pressure vessel, boiler and pipe manufacturing)

2010 ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certification

2011 Registered as supplier of KHNP and KEPCO

2012 Completed development of Scrubber & SCR

2012 Installed the SCR on Vessel

(1st installation as Korean Maker)

2015 Installed the SCR & Scrubber on Vessel

(1st installation as Asian Maker)

2019 Delivered 19 sets of EGCS system