Comparative Table for SCR System between other companies and Kwangsung

Other Companies Kwangsung
CFD Flow Analysis Outsourcing OK
Detail Design Outsourcing OK
Test Lab Don't Have Have
Min. Emission Gas Temp' Over 300°C Over 200°C
Analyzer Procurement Item Own System
Operative Type PLC PCB
Manufacturing Outsourcing Have Own Fabrication & Paint Shop

SCR System CFD Analysis

Setup Condition – SCR inlet

Item Unit
Flue gas Flow Rate 10³m³N/h-wet 3110
cc/min 24383.73
kg/s 0.4063955
Temp. °C 365
O2 Vol%-dry 2.64
H2O Vol%-wet 11.23
CO2 Vol%-dry 16.41
N2 Vol%-dry 80.9

Interpretation Result – SCR outlet

Inlet Result (NOx), ppm 180
Outlet Result (NOx), ppm 24
Reduction Ratio (NOx), % 86
Inlet Result (Slip NH3), ppm 350
Outlet Result (Slip NH3), ppm 0

Pressure Distribution Chart


NOx Distribution Chart


NH3 Distribution Chart


SCR System Structure Analysis I

SCR Sub Structure deformation


SCR Sub Structure bending moment deformation


SCR System Structure Analysis II

SCR Sub Structure drawing for Sharing

SCR Sub Structure drawing for Axle line