Doosan Engine Succeeds in Test Run of Eco-friendly Low Temperature SCR Marine Engine Systems

Low Temperature SCR Marine Engine Systems

Doosan Engine’s eco-friendly marine engines with low-temperature selective catalytic reduction systems.

Doosan Engine announced that it successfully completed an official test drive of the first marine engine with the company’s self-developed low-temperature selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, with Indian ship owners and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) officials in attendance, at Plant 3 in Changwon in South Gyeongsang Province on Oct. 15.

The DelNOx SCR system for the main engines, developed by Doosan Engine last year, is the world’s first eco-friendly NOx reduction system, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from marine engines by more than 90 percent. It is among the highest in the industry. The SCR marine engine systems will be installed in ships that are ordered by India’s energy firm Reliance and built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

The International Marine Organization (IMO) will apply the Tier III emission standards to marine diesel engines installed on ships built on or after Jan. 1 next year and sailing in North American Emission Control Areas (ECA). In response to such a change, Doosan Engine succeeded in developing the world’s first low-temperature SCR system in June 2013, and received the first order in Sept. last year.

As an increasing number of countries have recently tightened regulations on emissions, just like the IMO’s implementation of the Tier III emission standards, the market for the SCR marine engine systems is expected to rapidly grow.

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