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Painting & Metalizing

Kwang Sung Coating Department has been performing excellent achievement. Especially, Shaft parts of Wind Power Plant which need deliberate painting are our main objects. Our business record of coating products verify our high passion and good quality.

Equipment The Mount of Raw Material Capacity Qty Dust Collector Capacity Qty
Rust Removal Facilty METAL 4.7Ton/Day 100 HP 1 BAG Filter 400m³/min 1
Bag Filter 250m³/min. 1
Paint Facilty PAINT 36 Liter/Day
THINNER 9 Liter/Day
100 HP 1 PRE FILTER 1,200m³/min. 2
A/C Tower 1,200m³/min. 2
Paint Facilty PAINT 13 Liter/Day
THINNER 1.3 Liter/Day
540m³ 1 PRE FILTER 500m³/min. 1
A/C Tower 500m³/min. 1


GEWE Taewoong Mainshaft 1.5MW 2007.11.22 3893
GEWE Taewoong Mainshaft 2.5MW 2008.03.06 159
GEWE Taewoong Mainshaft 1.6MW 2011.06.30 35
GYUWOO Taewoong Mainshaft N/A 2008.05.10 215
VESTAS Taewoong Mainshaft 2.0MW 2008.04.18 98
SIEMENS Taewoong Mainshaft 2.3MW 2008.09.06 563
SIEMENSSIEMENS Taewoong Mainshaft 3.6MW 2010.01.15 179
KENERSYS Taewoong Mainshaft K82 2008.07.23 34
ACCIONA Taewoong Mainshaft 2.0MW 2009.04.20 1
BYW B.Y.W Taewoong Mainshaft N/AN/A 2008 06 11 22
GAMESA PSM Mainshaft 2.0MW 2008.12.08 88
WINDTEC MYSCO Wedge N/A 2009.06.14 41
WINDTEC Hansung Machine WdWedge N/AN/A 2010 05 29 60
SHI Sin-young,Sam-young, Bu-kyeong Retention ring N/A 2010.07.30 62
PANTAGONIA Hyundae Forging Mainshaft 2.0MW 2009.07.10 1
MOVENTAS Taewoong Mainshaft 1.5MW 2011.02.23 5
※ Issued Date 2012.02.22 Total 5436

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