Hybrid In-Situ Type NOx, O2 Analyzer

Hybrid In-Situ Type NOx, O2 Analyzer

> Merits of Kwangsung’s SCR System Analyzer
12(compared conventional products)

1– Easy to Install & operate
1– Easy to maintenance, due to Sensors are attached Duct Outside
1– Very Competitive maintenance Cost, due to low consumable materials
1– Less error analysis
1– Excellent measurement in accordance with the output change
1– The high data reliability

Comparison Conventional Prodcuts with Kwangsung's NOx, O2 Analyzer

 Conventional ProductsKwangsung's NET Product

TypeIn-Situ OR SamplingHybrid In-Situ

Analyzer CalibrationRequired at least once a weekSelf Calibration
(Manual Calibration possible)

Maintenance Required at least once a week
More than 30 min.
Once a week
Within 10 min.

Dust pollutionPollution of lens, Miller, etc.Pollution free

VibrationNeed to modify lens focus by vibrationNot associated with vibration
Approved vibration resistant test

Testbed Report

Performance Certificate

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