Scrubber Installed Aboard M/V Bore Song

scrubber system

Bore Song left Fayard dry docks with open loop in operation.

The exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber system) supplied by Deltamarin Floating Construction to Bore Ltd on a turnkey basis, has received confirmation of full compliance with SECA and IMO regulations (approved by Lloyd’s register and TRAFI, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency). After the 14-day dry docking, the open loop operation of the scrubber was in immediate use when the ship left the repair yard.

The system delivered for the 13,500 DWT RoRo ship M/V Bore Song 12MW main engine (Wärtsilä 12V46F CR 12,000 kW) is based on DeltaLangh scrubber technology. This True Hybrid Scrubber system allows both close and open loop operation, and is now confirmed as meeting all present and forthcoming requirements.

The scrubbers water treatment technology limits water content in the output sludge in closed loop operation, meaning waste is concentrated, and the amount that needs to be handled ashore is minimal, the manufacturer explained. Thanks to the DeltaLangh scrubber system, zero discharge operation can be arranged without additional tanks on board.

scrubber system

The system installation was done within a 14 days docking/off-hire period

“The DeltaLangh Hybrid Scrubber was a choice when looking for a sustainable solution for the future. It has lived up to our expectations: minimum sludge handling, very clean outgoing water and in that respect minimum impact on the environment. The project was handled as a turnkey project, and I am especially pleased with the short installation time, which enabled us to keep our promise to our customer,” said Jörgen Mansnerus, VP, Marine Management at Bore Ltd.

Rami Hirsimäki, Managing Director of Deltamarin Floating Construction, said, “Our EPC delivery integrates a complete package of goods and services, which makes the projects easier for the owners to manage. As an independent main contractor we always utilise the best-suited technology, building method and docking location for each project. This enables us to provide our customers with premium solutions and minimal downtime for their business.”

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