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Kwangsung had supplied BW Austria(VLGC) and BW Odin(VLGC) Scrubber system shipment.

What makes

Kwangsung Scrubber Competitive?



with 30 years in air treatment, offshore
and shipbuilding industry


High Quality

Better Material / Auto Plasma Arc Welding (In-house)
/ Metallizing / 3 Way Damper


Short Lead Time

Within 4months Ex.Work from
KwangSung Factory

01 Experienced


a representativeEGCS manufacturer



Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Installation



manufacturing in shipbuilding / Offshore since 2002

02 High Quality

Higher Grade of Material scrubber Tower


Whole Scrubber tower Parts made of High Quality special material (S31254 : 6Mo). Which is extremely high resistance to both High Temperature and sulfuric acid environments.
Therefore No Maintenance Need.

Others Kwangsung
Pre-absorber 6Mo 6Mo
Absorber bottom S Duplex 6Mo
Absorber Top Duplex 6Mo
Water Pipe SUS or Duplex 6Mo
Surface Preparation Passivation only Passivation + Hastelloy Metallizing
Packing Ball PE, SUS or Duplex Duplex

Auto plasma Arc welding (In-house)

Fully Automatic Plasma Arc Welding

Less Human Error

Quality remains consistent

Short Lead Time

Less Production Cost



The ASME Certification conforms to the rules governing the design, fabrication, assembly, and
inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components during construction.

patent, Certification & License


140 sufficient qualified welders

With 30 years in shipbuilding / offshore industry, we hold as many as excellent welders certified by DNVGL and ABS.

DNV Certification
ABS Certification

– Good materials is not enough.
Flawless Welding quality is Essential

Our SCRUBBER Competitive

Better Material

High Welding Quality

Automatic Plasma Arc Welding
(Less human error)

Short Lead Time

3 Way Damper

Risk free from Engine Stop from damper stuck

Better Material

No Need Maintenance

high quality welding

Short Lead Time
& Competitive Price

6 Months Ex. Work after PO.
Manufacture A to Z in
KwangSung’s Factory

3Way By-pass Damper (Kwangsung)

Synchronized 3 Way Damper is
free from Engine Stop!!!
3Way By-pass

SOx Regulation

SOx Emission is regulated by sulfur content in fuel and following regulation of sulfur content made agreement in 57th MEPC meeting.

Limit Sulfur content in the word

4.50% (45,000 ppm) – up to 2012 year
3.50% (35,000 ppm) – from 2012 year
0.50% (5,000 ppm) – enforce from 2020 year
Reviewing the Enforce Date in 2018


1.50% (15,000 ppm) by 1st, March, 2010
1.00% (10,000 ppm) from 1st, March, 2010 ~
0.10% (10,000 ppm) from 2015 year

Limit Sulfur content in the word

MEPC SO2(ppm)/CO2(%) Regulation

Fuel Oil Sulphur Contents(% m/m) Ratio Emission SO2(ppm)/CO2(% V/V)
4.50 195.0
3.50 151.7
1.50 65.0
1.00 43.3
0.50 21.7
0.10 4.3

SCOPE of Supply

No Item Yard / Owner Kwang Sung Option Remark
1 Exhaust Gas cleaning unit(Scrubber)
2 Control panel
3 Gas Monitoring system
4 Water monitoring system
5 Sea water supply pumps
6 Flow meter
7 Flow meter
8 Presure sensor
9 Level Sensor
10 Sealing air fans
11 Uptake & bypass dampers
12 Valves (Guage, Spray Valve)
13 Valves (Discharge air relief valve)
14 Valves (Seawater supply pump inlet/outlet)
15 Valves (Manual valve, shipside valves, etc.)
16 Piping / Coating / Cable, etc.
No Work Yard / Owner Kwang Sung Option Remark
17 Exhaust Gas cleaning unit(Scrubber)
18 Manufacturing Test at Shop
19 Packing & Transportation
20 System Assembly & Erection at site
21 Installation supervision
22 Commissioning & Training
23 3rd Party for Performance Test (Class and Flag Society)
24 Technical Manual for Schemem B(ETM-B)
Onboard Monitoring Manual (OMM)
SOx Emissions Compliance Plan (SECP)
EGCS Record Book

BW Group VLGC 4 ship sets Deliver

Dry Docking

Installation of Scrubber Funnel

Owner &
Class Approval


Kwangsung’s Scrubber system was already proven system from worldwide clients.



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